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    Specialist Transport Ambulances

    Critical care equipment: ultrasound, monitors, automatic ventilators

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    First Aid and Specialist Medical Training

    Continuing Professional Development for all levels

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    Specialist Medical Training and Clinical Placements

    EMT, Paramedic, Flight Paramedic

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    Global Expedition Support

    Specialist medics and equipment, telemedicine

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    Helicopter Search and Rescue SAR

    Specialist medics and rescue technicians

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    Helicopter Emergency Medical Service HEMS

    Air ambulance and critical care transport

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    Ambulance Service

    Emergency ambulances, rapid response vehicles and specialist critical care transport ambulances

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    Air Ambulance

    Local, regional and international MEDEVAC

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    Operational Support

    Disaster response and humanitarian operations

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    Wilderness and Expedition Medical Education

    Basic and advanced wilderness medical education courses and adventure travel

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    Support for Medics Deployed in Remote Areas

    Pre-trip training, contingency planning, equipment, telemedicine, medical direction

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    Operational Support

    Onsite medical cover for industrial operations

SOS Medical Services provides operational medical solutions internationally

SOS Medical Services is a veteran owned company specialising in bespoke medical solutions for a range of clients in challenging environments.

Our team of specialist medics has a depth of experience providing services to the oil & gas industry, mining sector, security industry, embassies, national ambulance services, disaster response operations, the aviation industry and the humanitarian aid organisations.

We offer high quality services tailored to your needs, including:

  • Travel Health Risk Assessments

  • Clinical governance systems

  • Accredited international training 

  • Emergency Ambulances

  • Critical Care Transports 

  • Air Ambulance

  • Search & Rescue

  • Event Medical Cover

  • Disease Alerts

  • Onsite Clinics & Occupational Health Services

  • Development of Site/Service Protocols

  • Contingency & Crisis Management Planning

  • Accredited CPD Courses

  • Medical direction

  • Remote Support

  • 24/7 Medical Operations Centre (MOC)

  • Humanitarian Operations

  • Telemedicine and topside reachback service

  • Equipment supply

  • TV & Film medical support

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