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    Specialist Transport Ambulances

    Critical care equipment: ultrasound, monitors, automatic ventilators

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    First Aid and Specialist Medical Training

    Continuing Professional Development for all levels

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    Specialist Medical Training and Clinical Placements

    EMT, Paramedic, Flight Paramedic

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    Global Expedition Support

    Specialist medics and equipment, telemedicine

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    Helicopter Search and Rescue (SAR)

    Specialist medics and rescue technicians

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    Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)

    Air ambulance and critical care transport

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    Ambulance Service

    Emergency ambulances, rapid response vehicles and specialist critical care transport ambulances

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    Air Ambulance

    Local, regional and international MEDEVAC

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    Operational Support

    Disaster response and humanitarian operations

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    Wilderness & Expedition Medical Education

    Basic and advanced wilderness medical education courses & adventure travel

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    Support for Medics Deployed in Remote Areas

    Pre-trip training, contingency planning, equipment, telemedicine, medical direction

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    Operational Support

    Onsite medical cover for industrial operations

SOS Medical Services provides operational medical solutions internationally

SOS Medical Services is a veteran owned company specialising in bespoke medical solutions for a range of clients in challenging environments.

Our team of specialist medics has a depth of experience providing services to the oil & gas industry, mining sector, security industry, embassies, national ambulance services, disaster response operations, the aviation industry and the humanitarian aid organisations.

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We offer high quality services tailored to your needs, including:

  • Travel Health Risk Assessments

  • Clinical governance systems

  • Accredited international training 

  • Emergency Ambulances

  • Critical Care Transports 

  • Air Ambulance

  • Search & Rescue

  • Event Medical Cover

  • Disease Alerts

  • Onsite Clinics & Occupational Health Services

  • Development of Site/Service Protocols

  • Contingency & Crisis Management Planning

  • Accredited CPD Courses

  • Medical direction

  • Remote Support

  • 24/7 Medical Operations Centre (MOC)

  • Humanitarian Operations

  • Telemedicine and topside reachback service

  • Equipment supply

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