• Travel Health and Risk Management

    Travel Health And Risk Management

    Enabling businesses to plan to mitigate health risk, travel safely, avoid unnecessary exposure and prevent loss

Travel Health and Risk Management

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The threats to public health are dynamic. Given the right environment, pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi) can be transferred to a human host causing isolated disease, local disease outbreaks, regional epidemics or a global pandemic.

The Risk

Exposure to and propagation of infectious disease pose a risk to public health, business travel and the global economy.

The Solution

The THi Risk Management Report enables businesses to forward plan, mitigate risk, prioritise territories and tasks, protect assets and prevent loss.


The concise and region-specific report includes the following essential information to ensure the integrity and biosecurity of employees and corporate operations.

  • Executive summary of the public health situation (destination region)

  • Local, national and regional public health issues

  • Ongoing disease outbreaks

  • Emerging risks

  • Epidemiological statistics

  • Medical threat assessment

  • Recommendations & risk control measures (RCMs)


  • Contribute to business continuity

  • Support crisis and emergency response planning

  • Diligently plan future operations and schedule tasks

  • Maximise health and safety

  • Identify pre-deployment risk mitigation measures:

    • Vaccines

    • Training

    • Personal protective equipment requirements

    • Prepare a Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP)

  • Increase staff confidence

  • Avoid endemic areas, staff sickness, travel restrictions and loss

  • Ensure insurance coverage

Similar to Remote-24, the THi subscription package can include:

  • Regular health & disease outbreak alerts

  • 24/7 tracking

  • 24/7 access to telemedicine via our Medical operations Centre (MOC)

  • Tele-consults, second opinion and coordination of local medical support