• Support to Humanitarian Missions

    Support To Humanitarian Missions

    Medical Suport to Humanitarian Aid Organizations and Disaster Response Operations

Support to Humanitarian Missions

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SOS can plan and support humanitarian aid organizations with the following services:

  • Operational planning

  • Medical emergency response and evacuation plans

  • Communications

  • GPS tracking

  • Cultural competence training

  • Conflict management training

  • Driver training

  • Situational awareness and personal security training

  • First Aid training

  • Panic buttons

  • 24/7 coordination through the SOS Medical Operations Centre (MOC)

  • Medical direction

  • Medical services (emergency and primary care)

  • Transport

  • Epidemiological studies, disease surveillance and health alerts

  • Medical missions

  • Vaccination programmes

  • Point of care testing (rapid tests for Zika, Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, COVID, heart attack, pneumonia)

  • Supply of medical personnel

  • Clinical governance system

  • Clinics

  • Ground ambulances

  • Air ambulances

  • Telemedicine

  • Community education

  • Critical care posts

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SOS have provided operational medical support and training to humanitarian organisations, including:

  • Red Cross, GUATEMALA - Cambray landslide disaster (emergency medical care)

  • CONRED, GUATEMALA - Tropical Storm Agatha (aid delivery)

  • CONRED, GUATEMALA - Volan de Fuego eruption (Medical mission)

  • Red Cross & CONRED, GUATEMALA - Helicopter Search & Rescue (SAR) operations

  • Red Cross, ECUADOR - Remote area first aid training

  • Red Cross, Chinandega, NICARAGUA - Trauma first responder training during social unrest

  • Volunteer Fire Service Rescue Brigade No.13, GUATEMALA - Mountain medicine, survival & rescue training

  • Kids OR, PERU & ECUADOR, Consultancy

  • Unidad Humanitaria de Rescate (UHR), GUATEMALA, Trauma care (TCCC) training

  • Volunteer Fire Service Rescue Brigade (Occidente), GUATEMALA - Mountain medicine training

  • Education for the Children Foundation, GUATEMALA - pediatric clinics and vaccination programmes (Antigua)

  • Go Guatemala, GUATEMALA - clinics for underserved communities (Monterirco)

  • Rios Guatemala, GUATEMALA - clinics (medical missions) for underserved communities (Escuintla)

  • Socorro Alpina Guatemalteco (SAG), GUATEMALA - Medical mission (la Soledad, Yepocapa)

  • Xela, GUATEMALA - Medical Mission

  • Rios Guatemala, River guides - Remote area first aid (Escuintla)


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